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The Better You Take Care Of Yourself, The Better Your Work Will Be. (1 min read)


Part 2:

Studying studio footage and music documentaries over the years has produced some common themes which I wanted to discuss. The first is the crazy hours that go into making a record, often with minimal breaks as studio time is precious. This translates to fatigue (or even burnout), along with the stress or even anxiety that comes with working under pressure. The second thing I noticed, is the unhealthy eating habits that are glamorised as part of the ‘studio life’. Maybe it’s a sugar rush they’re after or some relaxation from having a drink (or three), or maybe there’s genuine miseducation of nutrition. I’m not here to act as a nutritionist, but it’s wise to believe that if you want to play the long game, then your vehicle (your body), should be in the best condition possible. Every time I work out and eat right before a studio session, it significantly increases my focus, gives me tons of energy and puts me in a positive, productive state.

Quick-Tips For Better Health:

  • Reduce processed foods

  • Reduce added sugars

  • Drink more water

  • Workout weekly

  • Stretch hourly

  • Sleep well

Try this for a month straight and you won’t turn back.

Author Rav ‘Gifted’ Chana

@giftedasr Spotify

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